Topographic Sculptures – 5-Year-Long Project by Octavian Mielu

A self-taught artist, Octavian Mielu spent 5 years to make these incredible topographic sculptures. Each sculpture is meticulously formed with approximately 2500 individual pieces which can be seen clearly in photos below. Talking about his starts in art, Mielu said: “One of my earliest memories is since I was four years old. I remember drawing on the walls of my parents’ apartment. I was running back and forth, doodling on the walls, until my parents decided to renovate. I’ve gone through coloring books, pen, crayons, paint, and most recently, digital art. In 2014, I saw some topographic maps that really inspired me After having been working digitally for a while, I found the process of working with physical materials again messy but much more satisfying. Over those years, I did many tests with a variety of different materials and paints, tried different designs, and also opened an art studio.” Each piece of this art puzzle was individually cut and painted to be finally assembled into one giant masterpiece.

Neptune – formed with approximately 2500 pieces

Each piece has been individually cut and painted

And each piece was separately assembled

Mona Lisa

Marilyn Monroe

“Old Benny”


Abyss I

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