Toy Collector Commands Avengers to Clean His House

Toy collector, Wire Hon is a super creative and witty ‘smartphone photographer’ who says that everybody needs a hobby, and he has found just the perfect one. Imagine seeing your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes just standing by your side. Imagine them doing your dirty work around the house, cleaning the floors, washing the dishes, or straight up fighting in your backyard. Wire Hon is able to command even the likes of Hulk, Thor, Tony Stark and other stubborn and overpowered heroes. They do what he asks them and everything is just a clever illusion. With a help of his wife and children, less than 30 minutes is all that he needs to set everything up and capture his unique scenes. Using just his smartphone perfectly placed on the ground Hon creates just a right angle for a perspective magic to shine.

Photos by toy collector Wire Hon from Malaysia

Captured using only smartphone camera

Here you can see just how small these toys actually are!

He had to look 🙂

I don’t think she could stop them

Hon’s wife and children help to create these whimsical scenes

Everything is set and done in 30 minutes

Placing his smartphone on the ground creating a perfect angle creates this deceiving perspective