Massive Cinematic Scenarios Brought to Life in Toy Photography by Sirdork

Jared Middleton aka Sirdork is a fanboy and avid collector turned photographer from Upstate NY. “As children, we all grow up having massive cinematic scenarios planned out in our heads when playing with our toys. My goal is to bring those scenarios to life in Toy Photography,” – Sirdork wrote on his website. Along with toys, Sirdork captures fireworks, and all of the earth’s elements to achieve a practical shot. Using Photoshop, he combines all elements to create a final product. During any Toy Photography project, Sirdork also documents the process and later publishes his “Behind the Scenes” and Tutorials on YouTube. Describing each step, he’s hoping to teach others his methods, and create entertaining content for all ages. Take a look at our gallery below and don’t forget to follow Sirdork on Instagram for more new exciting toy shots.

From Star Wars Saga, DC, and Marvel Universe to Power Rangers and Pokémon series, you’ll find so many respectable franchises recreated here and as many awesome action figures.

All Image Credits, Instagram: sirdork730

“All that Axe Power and Zero Sugar!”


“This was my submission to BLKSRS’s Gundam contest! I know nothing about Gundam, have little to no experience with model kits, and don’t have much skill in customizing, but I had a ton of fun with this,” – Sirdork wrote on this Instagram post.

Captain America – MCU

Iron Patriot – MCU


“Swing and spin those webs Spidey!”

“Norin Rad, The Silver Surfer, the Sentinel of Spaceways!”

Mewtwo – “Everyone’s favorite Legendary growing up.”

Do you have a favorite Pokémon?



“Gogeta! One of my favorite characters since Fusion Reborn!”

D. Va – Overwatch


“Slade Wilson, one of my all-time favorite characters! I definitely don’t shoot him enough!”

Nightmare Batman

“Incinerator Trooper!


“Using what the mother nature gives me, I try to make any static object become lifelike.”

via [sirdork]