Train Driver Spends 5 Years Photographing Trains in Magnificent Places

Photographer from Budapest, Hungary, Rizsavi Tamás had a childhood dream to become a train driver. Today he’s a professional photographer and a train driver! Living his childhood dream, plus photography skills, it was just a matter of time when Rizsavi will show the world his train photo collection. With his beloved Canon 5D MK 4 camera, Rizsavi has traveled the world documenting the beautiful and extreme. He’s known for his daredevil skyscraper climbing and taking photos on the top of Hong Kong. Photographer also took the unique opportunity to document the empty streets of Budapest during the COVID-19 lockdown. Rizsavi is a versatile photographer but loves the most taking pictures of trains and transporting systems in general, city life, landscapes, and night. He believes that his photography needs very little words as it’s the form of art that is perceived differently by everyone. Photography in a sense for Rizsavi means “preserving the fleeting world, where time and photography are inseparable.”
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All photo credits: Rizsavi Tamás

As a child, Tamás always wanted to be a train driver.

Today, he is.


He has traveled the world, and seen the most beautiful places.

Still, trains are forever in his heart and he shows his love through his photography.


Tamás is a landscape and cityscape photographer from Budapest, Hungary.

He loves taking photos when there’s a thick fog adorning the view.


He believes that photos say everything that needs to be said.

Photography is an art form that is perceived differently by everyone.

It is about “preserving the fleeting world, where time and photography are inseparable.”

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