Travel Sketches by Nadine Kasianova

Russian artist Nadezhda Kasyanova graduated from Stroganov Academy, Moscow with a degree in environmental design in 2012. Now she works as an interior designer. She is very fond of travelling and have been to several countries so far. During her trips, she keeps a sketch-journal of the places she has visited and draws beautiful architectural illustrations. She also enjoys exploring the cuisine of the cities she explores and also illustrates them in her sketch book. She says “My world is painted with beautiful architecture and delicious cuisine.” You can travel with her through her brilliant illustrations by following her on Instagram.

Antwerpen, Belgium

Barcelona, Spain


Château de Beauregard, France

Château Gaillard, Normandy, France


Millenium Park, Chicago, The USA


Gent, Belgium


Suzdal, Russia

Loire Valley, France

Moscow, Russia

Paris, France

Stroganov Church, Russia

Venice, Italy