The Uniqueness of Tribes in Kenya – Photos by Omar Reda

In the middle of extremely fast globalization, the modern life of advanced civilizations is hurting tribal life. In Kenya which is one of the most advanced African countries, such a phenomenon is very present. A fantastic travel photographer and creative director from Lebanon, Omar Reda took upon himself to showcase to the world the beauty of diversity seen in tribal culture as fashion takes the main role. Currently, he’s a creative director at Genesis Riyadh. In 2019, he earned his Master’s Degree in Corporate and Marketing Communication from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Photography is his passion, but he does it just as well as his primary job. Omar Reda’s work was featured in National Geographic, Daily Mail, CNN, Mirror, Sun, The Week, Lonely Planet, Buzzfeed, and more. To see more tribal photos you should check Reda’s Instagram and official website.

Photo credits: Omar Reda

The beauty of tribal life in Kenya

Each tribe is distinguished best by its unique fashion


Globalization reaches tribes more and more, affecting their existence.

What they stand for, how they look, and how they live their lives… it all slowly blends together with the rest of the world…


The hard life, happy life, the real-life, full of adventures, ups and downs.

Unfortunately, tribal culture is slowly dying, yet that only makes it even more majestic.

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