How Colorblind People with Tritanopia See the World by David Sasso

David Sasso is a photographer that also goes by the name Redunchained and he is the man behind this explanatory project. The sole purpose was to showcase everyone how people who are colorblind with Tritanopia actually see the world. The Tritanopia is a type of color blindness where the retina is deficient in or lacks cone cells containing opsins that respond to the color blue, therefore making it impossible to distinguish blue from green. There are also other vision deficiencies such are Deuteranomalia where everything looks faded, Protanopia where everything looks greenish and as already mentioned Tritanopia with green and pink hues. Interestingly only 0.00003% of the population has total color blindness also known as Monochromacy. Sasso captured these fantastic photos from many different places such are Three Peaks of Lavaredo, the lake of Braies, the forest of Sila in Calabria and many more. If you like Sasso’s work please check out his Instagram and Facebook.

Project by David Sasso

The idea was to replicate the vision from the eyes of people colorblind with Tritanopia

It results as an inability to distinguish blue from green

Mostly seeing green and pink hues

Sasso took a lot of time to capture all these amazing photos

He traveled to a lot of places to make this project perfect

From the Three Peaks of Lavaredo to the Lake of Braies

From Florence to the forest of Sila, in Calabria

via [boredpanda]