Drawings That Came to Life – Mix of Pencil Art and Real Photos

If a drawing came to life. Tullius Heuer is a self-taught artist and a photoshop virtuoso who creates digital artworks like no other. Combining his pencil art with real photos results in ‘jump of the page’ artwork that will allure you for a minute gazing upon the surrealistic art. One finished piece takes approximately 9 to 10 hours. “I discovered Photoshop at 17 for fun, without even imagining that I could become a professional in the field. The Living Sketches project came about when I was attending a famous art contest site called Worth1000, where I learned to stimulate my creativity,” artist shares. The 29-years old Maceió-based artist with a degree in the IT field went full-time artist right after bored panda had published their first post about his work. Many opportunities came as people all around the world fell in love with his ingenious concepts. Visit artist’s Instagram, Facebook, official website, YouTube and a Deviantart page.

Artwork by Brazilian talent Tullius Heuer


One piece takes up to 9-10 hours


Artist combines his pencil work with real photos

Heuer discovered photoshop when he was 17 but never knew it would be his future profession


Doctor? What kind of doctor?

Artist went full-time after bored panda published their first story about him

The story gathered great attention and new opportunities just kept coming

via [boredpanda]