Gentle Touch of Magnificent Turkish Tattooist Eva Karabudak (Studio in NYC and Istanbul)

When ink blends with skin so gently as it does when you enter Eva Karabudak’s tattoo studio, the dilemma “should I get a tattoo” simply fades away. The answer is YES, there’s no reason not to! Extraordinary talent for delicate touch adorns tattooist from a small coastal town in Turkey. Her skill is internationally recognized as uniquely elegant micro-realism that almost looks like it’s not a tattoo work at all. From street murals to funding her studies at The Fine Arts Academy of Ankara. From learning the craft to owning a tattoo studio in Istanbul. From humble beginnings to the highest of highs and well-deserved respect. Recently Eva opened another studio called Atelier Eva, located in New York City, expanding her work to the USA. NYC was very pleased; those lucky fellas. You can book your experience on Eva’s official website, and all questions you might have were already beautifully answered in the very helpful and vast FAQs section.
More info: Eva Karabudak, Instagram.

Photo credits: Eva Karabudak

Eva KarabudakΒ  is an owner of 2 studios in NYC and Istanbul

Her work meets the highest of standards, and excels them by a mile!


Her animal portraits are absolutely magical!

Beautifully represented art style on any skin color


Insane back. Kudos lady.


The grain, the tiny little dots and lines to create a perfect airy background combined with leaf’s texture…

Good boy!


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