Twisted Humor in Short Webcomics by Cyanide & Happiness

Cyanide & Happiness introduces to us via YouTube the darkest humor cartoons we’ve ever seen at that time and it was pure gold! Instant internet sensation well deserved through the brilliance of world-class comedic minds; C&D kept its flow and made a brand out if its success. Now they’re known worldwide as one of the most hilarious animators and they are not afraid to go maybe even too far with their jokes. It’s been paying off so far, so why stop? Their Explosm team – Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson and Rob DenBleyker are also writers of these ingenious webcomics we’re sharing today. If you are somehow not already familiar with the works of Explosm team make sure to visit their YouTube and Facebook page! Have a laugh and don’t judge yourself, we’re all equally twisted. Welcome to the family.

via [boredpanda]