Unbelievable Amateur Photography That Looks Like CGI

Video games and fantasy movies have become ever-present in our subconscious that when we look at these photos that’s what we think of first. What’s even more amazing is that these sights are simply so gorgeous and epic on their own, no professional photographers were needed to make them look grand. Of course, the technology has gotten to the point of talking if cameras will become so good that pro photography would die, but we all know there is much more to it. At least these amateur photographers have recognized the Kodak moment of their life and took it. Kudos people! Now, video game lovers and epic fantasy lovers of all art forms, enjoy the fantastic world in which we live in. For more brilliant photography visit our website Curious Doodle, we promise you, you’ll have a great time!

“These Clouds Over This Abandoned House Look Like They’re Out Of Courage The Cowardly Dog.”

Photo credit: Aaron Groen

“This Old Town In Japan That Looks Like A Movie Set.”

Photo credit: _deepsky

“There Is A House Near Me That Looks Like It’s Out Of A Fairytale.”

Photo credit: CommercialsMaybe

“Oppstryn, Norway Looking Like A Dreamland.”

Photo credit: reidar_nesje

“A Friend On Social Media Spotted This One Pixel Glitch In The Matrix, India.”

Photo credit: ssigea

“Volcanic Ash Cloud In Chile Looks Like A Giant Monster Summoned From The Underworld.”

Photo credit: Bemy_Gunshot

“This Spot Looks Like A CGI Render To Me. Seriously One Of The Craziest Places I’ve Ever Seen. Oregon Coast.”

Photo credit: nathanielthewise

“San Francisco Is Looking Like Blade Runner 2049.”

Photo credit: Redivstra

“My Orange Toolbox Looks Like A Real Life Pickup Item Under My Room’s Blue Light”

Photo credit: MSFoxhound

“The Sun Hit This Freshly-Paved Tarmac Just Right And Made A Real-Life Rainbow Road Through Polarized Lenses.”

Photo credit: kenziemonsterrawr

“The Emperor’s Corridor In The Czech Republic Looks Like A Real-Life Skyrim.”

Photo credit: Steve Coleman

“These Antennas On Top Of The San Francisco Sutro Tower Look Like A Ghost Ship.”


About to suck the house in…

Photo credit: riskyjon90

“‘Earth Pyramids’ In South Tyrol, Northern Italy Looks Like An Alien Movie Set.”

Photo credit: Kilian Schönberger

Basque Country

Photo credit: mimadeo

“A Real Altar From An Entire Church Carved Underground In A Salt Mine In Poland.”

Photo credit: feed-the-good-wolf

“Mont-Saint-Michel In France Looks Like The Disney Logo In Real Life.”

Photo credit: mindz.eye

“Space Needle In Seattle Over Clouds Looks Like The Cloud City From Star Wars.”

Photo credit: misoisoup

“This Is What An Empty 787 Looks Like.”

Photo credit: Mass1m01973, via [boredpanda]