8 Underwater Hotel Rooms with Dreamlike View of the Ocean

Where, when, how and for how much can you find an underwater hotel to have a night you’ll never forget? Here’s everything you need to know. Around the world, every few years a new underwater hotel emerges and prices vary extremely as well as the experiences. So here we go!

#1 Let’s start with a deceiving one but none the less absolutely magical Atlantis the Palm (Dubai, UAE). Luxurious enormous floor to ceiling windows make you feel like you’re swimming with the 65.000 marine animals of Ambassador Lagoon aquarium. Yes, this hotel room isn’t truly under the sea, but a price is around $8,200 a night.


#2 Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore. $1,200 per night. Underwater sleeping chambers and rooms above the sea will give you best of both worlds. Enjoy the world’s largest aquarium with your personal butler serving you your entire stay.

#3 Vasteras, Sweden has a price you could probably afford. “Utter Inn” is an underwater cabin with another low price and this time it’s really affordable at just $250 a night. Typical Swedish house floating on water includes small bedroom swimming 10 feet below the surface.

#4 Hilton’s Conrad Rangali Island Resort, Maldives – Rangali Island Resort opened in 2018 “world’s first underwater villa.” – The two-level structure, a master suite, bathroom, and lounge, a gym, butler’s quarters, security quarters, second living room, kitchen, bar, and deck.


#5 Key Largo, Florida has something to offer too. “Jules’ Undersea Lodge”. Budget-friendly also, with the cost around $675. Located near Puerto Rico, it’s the first underwater hotel in the world. You’ll need to scuba dive 21 feet down into the main foyer. Cozy rooms are great for couples and you can have your personal chef who’ll scuba down just for you and start grilling underwater like SpongeBob.

#6 Caribbean’s “Lovers Deep Submarine” is an incredible luxurious submarine with personal chefs and butlers providing you with 5-star service. Oysters, caviar and much more to keep your romantic fire burning would cost you $215,000 a night.

#7 InterContinental Shimao Wonderland location – Shanghai, China. Open to public in late 2018 after 10 years of construction. Futuristic 370-room hotel with two underwater levels with restaurant and guest rooms. This wonderland also has large sports center for water sports and a beautiful artificial waterfall.


#8 Manta Resort (Zanzibar) – tropical luxury – $1,500 per night. Floating hotel let’s you see the Indian Ocean and African Coastline from above and from below water while resting in sunken bedrooms.

A bonus; an exception to this list is the Bambu Indah Hotel – Bali, Indonesia. It’s not underwater, but built above the shrimp pond with the tempered glass floor giving it a view you’ll never forget.

via [mymodernmet]