The Award-Winning Underwater Photographer Brings Ocean and All the Beauty of Sea Life to Us

Jason Washington captures the beauty of sea life – you’ll feel you’re swimming right along with the colorful fish, dolphins, and sharks in Washington’s spectacular underwater world. And there’s a lot of endearing shots of sea turtles, the beloved symbol of the Cayman Islands. Our award-winning underwater photographer and a diver is currently based in the Cayman Islands. He doesn’t really have a favorite subject matter for his photos. Jason focuses mainly on underwater and ocean photography, he shoots excellent free-diving images. He likes to say that his photographic style is very simple and if he can see the beauty with his eyes then he simply recreates the image as he sees it in the camera. Simple – right? While still in Arkansas, he fell in love with diving, which led him to Fort Lauderdale and then Grand Cayman. His love of underwater photography started when he began his career as a professional diver and teaching diving became one way he can show others the delicate nature of our underwater marine environment. The other one is with social media and his Instagram Page where he shares plenty of those astonishing photos.

“Explore your world – one breath at a time.”


“Get outside your comfort zone, life feels good there.”

Deep greens and blues are the colors Jason chooses.

#oceanconservation #saveourseas


Jason Washington advocates making positive changes to protect our planet’s ocean resources – changes in what we consume, buying more eco-friendly and sustainable goods and voting for lawmakers who hold the same values.

“Rethink what’s possible.”


“Dive in, life is s good down here.”


“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”


“Please, help me! Coastal development, commercial fishing, and environmental policies are rapidly pushing me and other species toward extinction. Global warming, climate change, and ocean acidification are real. Please, vote for politicians that believe in science. Our oceans need all the help they can get!”

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