Unbelievable Underwater Restaurant Opened Now in Norway

“Under” – world’s largest underwater restaurant with capacity for 100 guests! The first ever to be created in Europe. It bathes half above and a half under resting on the seabed of Lindesnes, Norway. It’s not just a restaurant, but a marine research facility. Interdisciplinary research teams will be studying marine biology and fish behavior using cameras and other equipment installed on and outside the restaurant’s walls. Documenting populations of wildlife and its diversity with a goal of creating a machine capable to monitor the population dynamics on a regular basis. The restaurant itself is a very romantic and offers beautiful calming experience. It just opened and people are already adding it as their main Norway destination spot. Building’s a 111-foot long monolithic form. Giant panoramic window secures a magical view of the seabed changing throughout the seasons and dynamic weather conditions. The entrance hall of this stunning architectural masterpiece is covered in oak that immediately gently hushes the outside noise. Rich, warm welcoming atmosphere follows you the moment you start your walk downstairs. Descending colors of the sunset on the walls drop as you progress lower. The woven ceiling panels breath out elegance and coziness. “In this building, you may find yourself underwater, over the seabed, between land and sea. This will offer you new perspectives and ways of seeing the world, both beyond and beneath the waterline,” says Snøhetta Founder and Architect, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen. ‘Under’ offers you high-quality dining experience with locally-sourced produce, emphasizing on sustainable wildlife capture. Head Chef with the 16-person kitchen team will take perfect care of your meals. It’s not an aquarium, it’s the wildlife of the North Sea. It takes you directly into the wildness,” Rune Grasdal, lead architect of Under shared his thoughts. “It also feels secure, but you don’t feel trapped.” Here you can visit the official site of Snøhetta for more information.

“Under” – by Snøhetta

First underwater restaurant in Europe

Located in Lindesnes, Norway

“It’s not an aquarium, it’s the wildlife of the North Sea”

Restaurant and a marine research facility

Head Chef and his 16-person kitchen team

Building has a 111-foot long monolithic form

It has a capacity for 100 guests

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