20 Unexpected Food Items People Encountered

Interestingly, people are super happy when they come across one of these odd-shaped food products. We say interestingly because it’s contradictory to what is known as repelling ‘ugly produce’. A huge number of vegetables and fruits go to waste because people don’t want them, simply because they’re bruised, or ugly. Abhi Ramesh, the CEO of Misfits Market, company which sells “ugly produce,” shared his thoughts on the topic. “We see ourselves as the Robin Hood figure here. We’re the aggregator of food waste. … We’re investing in the pipeline between farms and food banks. [The retail stores’ philosophy is based on] perfect triangles of oranges, and squash shaped perfectly designed in a way that’s attractive to drive people in. Historically, grocery stores haven’t wanted to stock anything that isn’t attractive, and so people have gotten used to produce looking a certain way.” Humans are always looking to either run towards the new and exciting, or towards the forgotten, retro, because it’s different and less popular, making it more special. The joy we get while looking at these crazy ‘ugly’ foods must be us not getting used to them, making them ‘special’ like a souvenir in our eyes.

These Gummy Bears Came Stuck Together In The Bag

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The Way My Cheese Melted On My Burger – An Absolute Winner in My Book

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Today’s Clementine Had An Almost Perfect Mini Clementine Inside

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This Is Like A Monster Of Some Sort

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This Giant Clove Of Garlic

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I For One Welcome Our Mutant Carrot Overlords

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This Absolute Unit Of A Lemon My Girlfriend Grew

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Absolute Unit Of A Grape Branch

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I Found A Triple Banana

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My Friend Grew A Gigantic Cabbage In His Garden

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“Found A Wizard In My Gummy Bear Pack”

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One Of Our Chickens Laid A Really Big Egg Today

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I Opened A Yogurt With No Yogurt On The Lid

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This Grape That Looks Like A Pumpkin

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My Grape Is Long

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This Incredible Carrot Hand Was Found While Digging Juice Carrots At Our Farm Today

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This Pearl I Found In An Oyster I Was Eating

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I Had A Quadruple Mini Banana This Morning

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Got A Vitamin Water With Zero Air In It. Just Pure Beverage

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