‘Unfinished’ Paintings Completed by Ants and Sugar

Lantha Naicker may just be the real-life Ant-Girl superhero painter. Using sugar to control the diligent little guys; they move around almost by her will. Completely fascinated by ants she’s having a learning experience studying both photography and insects. Painter explains her creative process: “I’m Leaving tiny amounts of sugar on a piece of paper to lure them into my drawings. It gets tricky because they move around quickly and I have to record as fast as I can.” Half-done paintings without the little fellas seem never finished, but as seen on the photos below, that is simply not true. “It takes numerous attempts. Two of them are failed, but it will improve if I do it again.” Artist is also reading more about photography and HD pictures as she aims to improve in more areas. Follow her on Instagram where you can see videos of her art in progress and her 100 ants regaling on work.

Beware of the Ant-Girl Painter!

She’s using sugar to control the little workers

Puzzle painting time for everybody

Yin and Yang

Michael Jackson

More than 100 ants were involved in just 5 ‘unfinished’ paintings

Via [boredpanda]