Place Where Your Pastel Dreams Come True – Bangkok’s Unique Unicorn Cafe

Every one of us has a happy place, somewhere where we feel even-minded, serene, safe and in the perfect mood. Well, once you’re in Bangkok, Thailand, you must visit this fun and colorful cafe that looks like every little girl’s dream – Unicorn Cafe. That doesn’t mean that it’s for little girls only; anyone can come and enjoy going back to childhood for a day. This place looks like Disney princesses decorated it and brought all of their pets and snacks. Don’t tell you’re not ready for this dreamy ride. Take a look a the gallery below and have fun!

All Photo Credits, Instagram: unicornbrand

When you step in, you will immediately get surrounded by numerous plush toys of fluffy unicorns and other colorful creatures.

Have a seat among them and you can enjoy a glittery drink, a whipped cream coffee, a pastel cake, cotton candy…

And many other snacks and beverages that come in fun colors and that are decorated with candy and fruit.

Unicorn Cafe since 2012. No branch. No franchise. Only in Bangkok.

via [designyoutrust]