Unicorn Puppy with a Tail on His Forehead

Unicorn dog!!! Mac’s Mission is an animal shelter in Jackson, Missouri, which found this poor dog in the cold together with one older dog. It surely didn’t take them long to notice the ‘unicorn’ in the room. This little puppy was one of the kind with a tail growing out of his forehead. After posting photos on Facebook internet went berserk in love and with questions instantly. Yes, the puppy has his regular tail of course. Another question everyone asked was “Does the puppy’s forehead tail wag?” No, it doesn’t. They’ve discovered it’s actually idle and it doesn’t wag. It isn’t connected with anything and has no real use to the puppy. Dr. Heuring then joked on the topic: “It appears they assembled the puppy wrong. Always follow the directions, people!” The tail won’t be removed yet since it doesn’t bother the puppy at all. Fittingly named ‘Narwhal’ (after a real-life unicorn whale) will soon be up for adoptions as soon as he grows up a little bit, so if you’re on the market for unicorn dogs this is your chance.

Say hello to Narwhal – named after real-life unicorn whale species


He was found in the cold and rescued by animal shelter Mac’s Mission


It’s an idle tail that’s not connected to anything and it doesn’t wag people!

Vets will not remove his unicorn tail for now since it doesn’t bother him at all

He’s super healthy, playful and never slows down. Soon he’ll be up for adoption!

via [boredpanda]