Unique Ink Portraits of Famous People with Trademark Quotes

Jeremy D has invented a new way of thinking and a new genre of tattoos that globally caught interest in a rapid fashion. Australia’s Brisbane-based tattooer Jeremy D has been only practicing ink arts for just over 2 years and already he has a staggering amount of followers. Still, in all of his success he remains humble, believing that hard work and pushing yourself to do new things will always materialize rewards and success. At first, he was learning all the classic designs, understanding a great traditional tattoo work and suddenly, he had found his style. Struggle with an abundance of traditional artists forced Jeremy to find something new, something unique. Allured by love towards portraits he started inking down his own versions of celebrity portraits. After huge success and online appreciation for his work of David Bowie and Eleven from Stranger Things his popularity just blew up. Everyone wanted to honor their idols, whether it’s a real-life musician, actor or even a famous cinematic character. Please enjoy this amazing collection of Jeremy’s portraits combined with their most famous quotes.

Unique ink portraits by Jeremy D

Jeremy’s a Brisbane-based tattoo practitioner felt he needed to think out of the box

He fell in love with traditional designs and portraits and finally inveted his own style

He started by removing mouth and nose and adding symbols insted

But soon he started adding trademark quotes

In no time he became globally appreciated for his unique work

via [konbini]