Unusual Endangered Birds – Portraits by Phenomenal Tim Flach

If you love animals, then you’ll love every single thing Tim Flach photographs. The London-based photographer stops at nothing, traveling the world to meet exotic, unique, unusual, both large and small animals. Highlighting their unique traits, with very sharp and clear portraits Flach’s work is the perfection in the animal portrait world. A special place in his heart and work have animals endangered due to habitat loss, climate change, or reckless human activity. Flach is very interested in how humans shape the lives of animals and the emotional connection between them. He had worked with a vast range of wild, domestic, and captive animals from Saiga and Beluga Sturgeons to Pied Tamarin and Pangolin. Birds below are from all around the globe. From the U.S to the Himalayas. Flach has also several books published about endangered animals, species-specific, and 2 books celebrating horses and dogs.

More info: Instagram, Official website.

Gouldian Finch dressed in his trademark rainbow sweater

All photo credits: Tim Flach

Jacobian Pigeon in all of his glory

King Vulture, just waiting… for you to die.

Virginia Cardinal, spitting fire and listening to heavy metal music


“This domestic duck is a Crested Miniature.” She’s a fabulous doofus

Silver Laced Poland Chicken, too cool for school. She’s a goth chick in town.

Shoebill aka whalehead, aka whale-headed stork, aka shoe-billed stork. A mean-looking guy.

Philippine Eagle, a sad-looking Nick Cage on a bad hair day. Still would kill you in a second. Just like real Nick.


Himalayan Monal, a real-life mosaic fella

“The Grey Crowned Crane, from Southern and Eastern Africa, has a reputation for being rather short-tempered and can potentially take one’s eye out with a single peck. When he started pecking at my camera and seemed intent to start on me, I didn’t hang around!” – Flach shared on his Instagram.

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