‘Urban Fog’ by Andy Yeung – Aerial Night Photo Series above Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers Swallowed by Fog

Urban Fog’ is the name of the latest drone photo series by photographer Andy Yeung. It takes place above the skyscrapers of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong at the night time while the city floats on the majestic mist. As fog swallows the entire city, colorful lights still shine through it, almost creating an effect of the thunderstorm. Yeung talks about his creative process: “I’ve seen a lot of amazing fog-themed photographs taken in the day time and I think it would be interesting to capture Hong Kong in the thick mist in the night time with a drone. I named this project ‘urban fog’ because I want to present how fog is illuminated by the city lights. hong kong has long been a city of bright lights and you can see the various colored lights of the buildings light up the fog from underneath,” photographer shared in his interview for designboom.
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All photos are copyrighted by Andy Yeung

Location – Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

City lights streaming through thick fog creating an effect of a thunderstorm


Drone photo series – ‘Urban Fog’ by Andy Yeung

via [designboom]