Vacation Paradise in Greece Hides Divine Mountains, Waterfalls, and Green Lakes

Paradise in Northern Greece, Western Macedonia, capital of the Grevena regional unit is an unspoiled wilderness wonder. Breathtaking mountains and hills, stone bridges old hundreds of years, crystal clear waterfalls and rivers, green lakes and byzantine monasteries all adorn this heavenly place. Grevena, also known as the mushroom city, holds around 32,000 population plus incredible wildlife and rare wildflowers that make this place so unique. Swimming in the Venetikos river, beneath the waterfalls in the perfect summer weather is still surprisingly inexpensive and chance you might want to take! Enjoy this beautiful national park, and a geopark now through these photos and consider a journey in your near future, you won’t regret it.

Grevena, Northern Greece

Wildlife at Kalirahi village

Portitsa gorge

Venetikos river

Mesolouri waterfalls

Lake in Mavranaioi

Vasilitsa mountain

Aliakmon river – green on the left and blue on the right

‘Spanou’ Bridge

‘Kagelia’ stone bridge

Valia Calda

Valia Calda

Old monastery Torniki

Stone Bridge Ziakas

Via [boredpanda]