Venus the Two Face Cat

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss. The inspirational quote under the name Venus on Instagram truly reaches far. On the official page of Venus the two face cat, a fan has written a lovely message. “Thank you for setting up your page. My son has a big birthmark on his face (congenital nevus) and I can show him he’s as beautiful as Venus.” – Ann, and it has been pinned as a quote of the week for everyone to see. Venus was born unique and now she’s an inspiration to many. She’s from Florida, and she just loves to jump on Mommy’s lap and be cradled like a baby. She sleeps each night curled up next to her human mom. Venus is not just a pretty face or two pretty faces. Exciting giveaways are regular on Instagram and Facebook. Gift certificates for custom bed for your felines, or cuddle clones that are exact clones of your own cat, plus many more. Also, your fan art submitted through Instagram can be a part of new fan art page. Most importantly Venus works hard to select animal rescue organizations and feature them on the official page. You can visit and buy for yourself a lovely Venus merchandise as well. Venus is a truly beautiful cat with a beautiful community behind her.

Meet Venus the two face cat

Her striking beauty sky rocketed to viral fame

Behind Venus there’s a amazing community born and still growing strong

Together, the community works to help the animal rescue organizations

This is her adopted brother Roo

Venus has her own fan art page

Cuddle clone, also a give away for a winner to recieve one exactly the same as their own pet

Book by Andrew Marttila