Charming Way to Respect Distance Measures – Panda Plush Dolls

Distance measures for restaurants during the first part of coming out after coronavirus lockdown can be a bit stressful for the owners as well for the costumers. Vietnamese restaurant Maison Saigon had a lovely idea to place plush pandas in the restaurant so that people have to sit at a safe distance. Also, if you come to eat alone, you have some company. The rules and regulations are changing rapidly and most of us are confused about what to do and how to be safe, so this idea is a charming and smart way to make sure everyone is being protected from the virus. What do you think of this idea? Would you like to visit this restaurant? Check out how it looks like in the gallery below and follow Maison Saigon on Instagram.

Eating alone won’t be lonely anymore!

All Image Credits, Instagram: maison.saigon

Suitable for being ambassadors of the cuteness of the shop, these pandas are now there to give comfort to the costumers and help them keep the social distance.

For those who come as a couple or family who wants to sit together, there is a table with a divider.


They take care of each other too.

We bet this cutie is a perfect company and a great listener.


via [boredpanda]