Illustrator from Kuala Lumpur Creates Artistic Order from the Chaos of Pen Lines

The jags and whorls of Vince Low’s scribbles mesh together to create some fascinating portraits, but it also reveals his own journey of self-discovery. Low’s “scribble art” had its beginnings in a publicity campaign he worked on as an illustrator with an advertising agency. He was requested by his art director to come up with an unusual technique. The campaign was for dyslexia awareness, and it was only while working on it that Low made a life-changing discovery – he was dyslexic. The fact that he is dyslexic made the message stronger. It proved that anyone with dyslexia could be successful as well. In terms of art direction, he was looking for a certain style that could be easily understood yet difficult to execute. And he decided to use the scribbled style for a project featuring other famous faces with dyslexia. His “Faces” project began when he created three portraits of famous dyslexics to create awareness for the disorder: Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, and John Lennon. Low’s amassed a worldwide following on the Internet and through social media sites like Instagram. It’s not hard to see why – this artist sent a very important message to all of us and we can’t be grateful enough, so, dear Vince, thank you for sharing your talent and your story with the world.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright, and dyslexic.


“My whole life, I’ve wondered why I couldn’t do what seemed so easy to everyone else, which was to read. This was especially because there was very little understanding about how to deal with the issue when I was young.”

“Now that I understand my issue, I feel much more positive about myself,” said Low, adding that he’s a massive supporter of Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia, because he doesn’t want anyone else to go through what he did.

Another familiar famous face – Angelina Jolie


“The only way I could improve my art or learn something new was to just try anything and everything that came to mind. Maybe that’s why my work, like my scribble art, feels different because I’m so used to letting myself experiment.”

“The pose and expression I choose to show them in is very important, as it shows the story I want to tell. How the energy flows in the artwork is very important. That’s the challenge, to get the right force.”

Clash of Football Titans – Wayne Rooney and David Luiz

“Scribbles are something we all do and often throw away without thinking twice about it. Yet, I used those same scribbles to create these portraits.”


“I’d like to tell people that just because something doesn’t seem important, it doesn’t mean it can’t be something great.”


“When I was planning the execution style, I was looking for something that screams simplicity, which I intended to balance out with some complex crafting.”

“I started off by scribbling on my sketchbook, trying to find a direction. And over time, I discovered something in those scribbles – potential.”


“I knew that it would be a challenge for me to scribble out and capture the souls and characters of those people in the portraits.”

For that reason, I was determined to make a breakthrough by bringing my crafting skills to a whole new level.

One and only – Stan Lee and your friendly neighbour Spider-Man

Man behind the pen lines – Vince Low


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