Visual Stories Made Out of Paper at Rome-Based Design Studio

Pratìc is a creative studio based in Italy where two-dimensional material is transformed into wonderful non-verbal visual stories inspired by tales and magical worlds. Whether it is a set design, sculpture, special packaging, or a unique installation. Pratìc puts commercial and private collectors in touch with paper creations representing them through a beautiful blend of art and design. Anything from castles to violins to smart cars to birds – a whole world of paper and with extraordinary detail. Each piece was delicately crafted with intense attention to the small things. Take a look at our gallery below and visit Pratìc’s Instagram Page to see more of real craftsmanship at work.

Ani Villas Thailand, Set Design – Pop Up

Paper Smart – Creative Workshop for Mercedes-Benz

The Giant Waves installation was created for a collective exhibition during the Open House Rome, an annual event that celebrates design and architecture where private studios and galleries were open to the public.

ORIGINAL COTTON – Original Marines Campaign – Adorable paper props created for animation as part of an advertising campaign featuring Original Cotton.

Golden Souvenirs – Made to Celebrate Love

UNITY is part of the Paper Artist Collective project sponsored by Senses Paper. The brief was to create an English alphabet A-Z out of Senses paper. The letter, as well as the colors, were allocated to each artist randomly and was revealed as a surprise.

VIOLIN CITY is part of the Paper Artist Collective project (Paper Passion) sponsored by Arctic Paper.

GQ BEST DRESSED MEN 2017 – Fun, elegant and exclusive, this paper project was given to 30 lucky – and fashionable – gents as the prize for GQ’s Best Dressed Men 2017 in Milan. The comic theme works perfectly with the pop-up effect to create an explosion of color and style. The Pop Up was featured in the February 2017 issue of GQ.

MOULIN ROUGE – Cabaret Pop Up – Designed for the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition at the Ara Pacis in Rome, this pop-up card shows an inconspicuous Lautrec seated in the theatre during a cabaret act. The composition and colors were carefully chosen to illustrate Paris in its whimsical past.

DANCING SWALLOWS – This installation was created to celebrate a love story in one of the most graceful and whimsical settings in Florence, Villa San Michele. It represents two lovers dancing “the dance of life” by depicting two love birds (swallows) – a symbol of harmony, hope, and new beginnings – as they fly gracefully through a shower of cascading golden petals.

via [fubiz]