Vivid Pink and Red Landscapes in Zak van Biljon’s Stunning Infrared Photography

Red turf is the homeland of Zak van Biljon. The South African photographer spent his childhood and teenage years in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Now, based in Zurich, he captures Switzerland’s epic mountainscapes. His main focus is the directorial handling of light – as shown in his recent artwork, capture the world in infrared. In his “Modernising Nature” photo series you can see from magenta-colored canyons and hills to fields of fuchsia foliage. Zak van Biljon’s infrared landscapes look like candy-colored dream worlds. The scenes are still familiar, but van Biljon provides a fresh perspective inspired by technology and the millions of highly-filtered photos of nature on social media. He hopes his vivid images will inspire busy city dwellers to stop, look up from their screens, and appreciate nature. And we hope you’re inspired too. Head over to van Biljon’s official website to find out more about him and his recent projects and follow him on Instagram.

“People are subdued to an irresistible attraction to the bright vivid lights of cities and screens.”

“The artificial becomes real and the natural reality or the reality of nature is hyped by means of technology such as filtered Instagram pictures.”

“We need a new way of looking at nature in the 21st century…”

“Just like the landscape painters of the 19th century who were confronted with industrialization.”

“Cities are growing into megacities, more than half of today’s population was born in cities…”

“And this new generation is a technological generation, convenience driven but: nature free.”

“And yet: humanity can never free itself from nature.”

via [mymodernmet]