13th Annual Wara Art Festival Comes Back This Year Larger Than Ever

Where to find these beasts? Well, the Niigata Prefecture is on the west coast of Japan’s Honshu Island, bordering the sea and including Sado Island. Besides its famous ski resorts, national parks, hot springs, you’ll find the giant straw creatures across the farmland as a part of the annual Wara Art Festival, during the entire October 2021. The extra resources of the byproduct used for feeding livestock to revitalizing the soil, and also crafting household items, now is used in a collaborative art project between the university and local farmers. It was the first Wara Art Festival in 2008 when design professor Shingo Miyajima suggested the idea, and now the celebration of local culture has reached its 13th annual festival at Uwasekigata Park. Mythical beasts have been created by the students and farmers, reaching heights up to 30 feet as they watch over the marvelous landscapes. Check out the entire collection from the previous years via Wara Art Festival Gallery.


Photo credits: Wara Art Festival

13th annual festival at Uwasekigata Park, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

Some beasts even reach heights of 30 feet!


Creatures have been built by students and local farmers who worked together celebrating local culture

You can see the full gallery of creations since 2008 via the official Wara Art Festival Gallery

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