Watercolor Cityscapes and Scenery from All Over the World

Spanish artist Alicia Aradilla decided to embrace a nomadic lifestyle and travel the world. Instead of keeping a diary of her journeys, however, Aradilla began documenting the architecture, nature, and other memorable sites she saw—and continues to experience—in sketchbooks. The loose and expressive style of her miniature watercolor paintings captures the ephemeral feeling of seeing a site for the very first time. Our nomadic artist also teaches step-by-step courses on how to make her watercolor illustrations via Patreon if you are interested. Take a look at the gallery below and be sure to follow Aradilla’s Instagram Page for more colorful watercolor art.

Aradilla’s annotated artwork provides engaging imagery for her large Instagram following.


Viewers see cityscapes and scenery from all over the world as well as behind-the-scenes jottings and painting studies, too.


When the artist assembles her flat-lay-style photographs, she includes open pages from her sketchbooks, finished drafts, and all of her art supplies.

These intentional photographic decisions by the artist make for a layered viewing experience.


Each of Aradilla’s pictures provides observers with several different aspects to take in, effectively showing them her creative process through the thoughtful display of materials within the frame.

Aradilla teaches step-by-step courses on how to make her watercolor illustrations via Patreon.


You can also keep up to date with the artist’s latest creations by following her on Instagram.

via [mymodernmet]