Watercolor Hamster Named Sukeroku Will Make You Laugh at his Tiny Adventures

We need some good content that keeps on giving. We needed Friends tv show to never end. We just need to have those fictional protagonists to ever last and bring us new things each day. In the end, nothing ever lasts, but at least with our favorite tiny hamster Sukeroku, the adventures are abundant and they keep on giving with the same beloved high-quality of adorableness. Created by Japanese artist and designer Gotte, his tiny hamster hero seems to be living a quite exciting human-like life. Flying down the skyline, becoming an Avenger, and often seen in a bee costume, what?! He’s not to be taken lightly, especially when Sukeroku’s doing his daily mundane tasks, because that’s when he’s the most adorable! Short comic illustrations painted with watercolors, and all cuddled up with silliness and lighthearted wittiness. Make sure to check out Gotte’s Instagram for the vast collection of Sukeroku’s adventures.

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Photo credits: gottehamham

Watercolor illustrations created by Japanese artist and designer Gotte

Sukeroku, the hamster seems to be struggling with easier tasks…


And always seems to be ending up in unenviable situations.

But he tries his best and the goodness of his heart is second to none.

From the Avenger to a baby.


Sukeroku may be clumsy at mundane tasks, but he dominates the hard ones.

He’s an OG gamer and a master of aim-assist.


Among us…

Sukeroku has something very important to say to his peop…hamsters.

We need each other.


A victim of pop culture,

And a hero!

Sukeroku’s you and me. <3

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