Watercolor Illustrations About Life During the Lockdown and Bright Moments of Joy and Comfort

Bulgarian illustrator Clementine Petrova finds inspiration in everyday situations, and now, when every day is pretty much the same, she wanted to show us those little moments that stand out. “It’s been over a month since lockdown began, and I’ve been illustrating the daily life of my boyfriend and me at home. Some of these illustrations are us, some are imaginary characters. It helps me bring us comfort and pass time doing something creative,” – Petrova wrote on Bored Panda. Take a look at the gallery below and be sure to follow Clementine Petrova on Instagram where you can find more of her lovely watercolor illustrations.

In between working on projects, Clementine Petrova loves making some personal illustrations and experimenting to develop her skills.


She started to avoid illustrating just sole characters, and instead tries to create whole situations, backgrounds, and environments.


“How’s quarantine going for you? It’s been over a month now! We’ve been cooking a lot more for this past month, and I’ve even started working out from home (let’s hope I would keep doing that!) Other than that I really miss seeing my friends and family. I am hoping for as many people as possible to keep self-isolating, so the lockdown doesn’t continue a few extra months. Stay safe!” – Petrova wrote on her Instagram.

“A sketch of that french couple dancing on their balcony.”


“How are you spending your quarantine days? Our biggest adventure lately has been going for groceries. The pets are also a good company, so thus far no one is bored.”

Just some moments from the other day. And yeah, personal space is an illusion.”


“Cleaning day! With you, even chores are fun.”

via [boredpanda]