Mesmerizing Wave with Anamorphic Illusion on a Billboard in South Korea

Wave with anamorphic illusion as a part of the Public Media Series created by D’strict has gained much more attention than the company could have ever guessed. Using public electronic billboard at Seoul’s COEX Square, D’strict – the digital media tech company – created this effect that works only from specific points of view. From some places it looks more like a distorted image, losing its reality and depth. What helped to achieve such a spectacular result was a set of high-definition smart LED displays forming a unified and coordinated image. The screen itself is more than 80 meters long and more than 20 meters in height, With supporting resolution of 7,840×1,952 pixels. COEX is both convention and exhibition center and a giant mall. The location is notorious for its traffic, which made it a perfect place for such an idea.“The Wave serves as a sweet escape and brings comfort and relaxation to many people. We didn’t expect so many people around the world to respond so positively to the Wave after its unveiling on social media, but we are very grateful that our message was considered an unimaginable scene for many who are tired of the current pandemic and trying times.”

More info: Youtube, Vimeo.


Location: South Korea, Seoul’s COEX Square.


D’strict company created this effect using public electronic billboard at Seoul’s COEX Square

A set of high-definition smart LED displays forming a unified and coordinated image

The screen is covering an area of 1,620m², supporting a resolution of 7,840×1,952 pixels.


Based on an anamorphic illusion which gives these incredible results only from specific viewing points.

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Make sure to watch the video of the illusion in motion!