Wearable Nature – Artistic Outfits by Scandinavian Duo Hjorth and Ikonen

Scandinavian artists, Karoline Hjorth (from Norway) and Riitta Ikonen (from Finland) merge humans with nature into one in their peculiar work. Folklore-inspired with elders as their models, together they create a deep connection with their homeland. Artists take models’ professions into an account to play with their life story and immerse it into nature, using specific materials or shapes for the wearable sculptures. With that approach, models feel more like collaborators than just models to the artists. The process of preparation takes a long time. Setting everything up for the photoshoot, searching for incredibly strange materials such are, moss, puffball mushrooms, sea urchins, starfish, and more takes a lot of time. “Collecting wearable-sized-icebergs in Greenland was one of those moments that we both remember vividly also,” the duo shared. Models/collaborators are having long shifts too, with itchy twigs, and kneeling or lying for hours in wet moss, and sometimes all that with very variable weather conditions, including rain, wind, and dense fog. “We are open to working with all curious souls and as we re-angle ourselves to looking at the effects of climate change and our role in it. The intergenerational movers and shakers exist in all demographics across ages!”

More info: Eyes as Big as Plates, Instagram (Karoline Hjorth), Instagram (Riitta Ikonen).


Folklore inspired Scandinavian artists aim to create a deeper connection with nature in their work

It takes a long time to prepare these photo shootings


Models/collaborators also have long shifts, lying or sitting in hard conditions for hours

“Collecting wearable-sized-icebergs in Greenland was one of those moments that we both remember vividly also!”

Fugitive tips


Models are usually elderly that have lived and worked on these lands a long time

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