What Kind of Pipes to Buy For Your Plumbing Purposes

Knowing what kind of pipes to buy for your home’s plumbing system can be overwhelming. More so, if you have no technical know-how in plumbing. Through having general knowledge of the factors to consider when buying your plumbing component, you will be a step ahead in having an efficient water system. Below is the top point to consider before investing in any of your plumbing choices.

Kind of water in your locality

Water is termed as corrosive when it dissolves anything it comes into contact with. For example, if you install metal and copper pipes, the water will dissolve the components and consequently end up in your water. To know the level of acidity in your area’s water source, get professional help to measure it.

Water Pressure

As you think about the plumbing system you want to put up, determine whether your water should be distributed at high or low pressure. Most likely, if your property is commercial, then you require your water pressure to be increased.Same day trades would advise you to get PVC pipes because they are sturdy and have high-stress resistance.

On the other hand, if you intend on cutting water costs, then having water supplied at a lower pressure is suitable. When a pipe has a smooth interior, then the water equally flows smoothly. Same day trades recommend Pipes made of brass because they are resistant to rust in their interior.


The soil structure in your property can have adverse effects on the durability of the pipes. Most soils have abrasive components, too many rocks, and moisture. Some have chemical compositions that will eat away at the tube regarding what kind of material it is made of. The same goes for specific minerals. As same day trades recommend,you to know your property’s soil characteristics and create an effective decision on the kind of pipes to buy.

Exposure to sunlight

The UV rays have a deteriorating effect on pipes, especially ones made of plastic. The chemicals used in their material eventually dissolve into the water, making it unsuitable for drinking. On the other hand, if you intend to have your pipes hold hot water, specific pipes are insulated for such purposes. The insulation protects the water temperature. Your plumber Capalaba should not expose your pipes to sunlight and can instead dig the ground to a certain level and have them covered. However, if you prefer to have visible lines, go for materials that are not negatively affected by heat.

After knowing the aspects to consider while choosing a pipe, let’s go through some of the tubes available.

Since Greece used clay to make pipes, plumping has revolutionized and come up with different types. As earlier mentioned, there are specific pipes suited for certain functions. The most commonly used are:

Polyethylene Cross Linked Pipe (PEX)

This is a cost-effective pipe that is flexible and easy to install compared to the rigidness of PVC. It’s mainly used to supply water into homes as it doesn’t rust hence not leaching contaminants.

The rest, such as copper PVC, galvanized, and ABS, have similar functions though for different purposes.

As you plan on pipes to use in your home’s plumbing system, know your area’s soil and water composition, your intended purpose of the water, and where they will be placed to avoid sunlight exposure.