Where Should You Eat When Visiting Arlington, VA?

Arlington is one of the most important cities in our nation, with a long history tied to Washington, DC: but its restaurants blow all of that out of the water!  If you’re traveling and you want to stop somewhere for something incredible to eat, you’ll find it in Arlington.

These are the top food stops to make while you’re in the city and why Arlington should be on your list of delicious destinations!

For Comfort Food

Comfort food is a large part of the south, and Arlington stays true to that tradition!  If you’re eager for some awesome food that tastes homemade, check out SER Restaurant!  With a classic-diner look, and awesome prices, you’ll feel at home after a couple of bites, and you’ll want to come back time and time again.  This is a restaurant for anyone who loves food.

For a Fun Fresh Lunch

A refreshing lunch can completely change the trajectory of your day!  If you want a light lunch that’s delicious and well-made: it’s time to head to Mele Bistro!  Offering Mediterranean flavors at affordable prices, you’ll be wowed by the fresh flavors and incredible cuisine.  At home on Wilson BLVD, this restaurant is easy to get to and offers some of the best lunch food you’ll ever find.

When You’re Craving Something New

Sometimes you don’t want to eat the same old dishes that you’ve had dozens of times!  If you’re ready for something fresh and you’re unfamiliar with Balkan cuisine, it’s time to check out the Ambar Restaurant!  This fantastic and affordable restaurant will wow you with its rustic style and its incredibly delicious Balkan dishes.  The food here is so popular that this restaurant has a 4.9-star rating out of five, with almost a thousand reviews from people who have enjoyed its food.  You’ll want to come back time and time again.

For Gorgeous Date Nights

On date nights, we want to dress up and enjoy a classier evening of fun and delicious food: so why not make the most of it?  If you’re planning a date night in Arlington and want to go somewhere deliciously beautiful: stop into 2941 Restaurant!  Located on Fairview Park Drive, this upscale eatery has refined flavors and beautiful dishes that you can enjoy while taking in a fantastic water view.  You’ll have the time of your life enjoying a great meal here!

Why Travel to Arlington?

If you’re still unsure about visiting Arlington, don’t stress!  This city has an amazing vacation packed into it for anyone who comes to town.  From the incredible history to the fun shopping and gorgeous views, you’ll fall in love with the area in no time.  Many who visit for short vacations find themselves loving the vibe of the area so much they start looking for Arlington real estate they can buy into!

There’s No Food Quite Like Arlington’s!

Arlington knows how to dish up some delicious surprises!  If you’re in town and want to experience the best flavors in the city: consider checking out some of these locations!