White Ink Tats that Look Like Magic Itself

UV light side is the force that will scare the dark when you’re nightclubbing with your white ink tattoo making it glow! Yes, Luke, the white ink will glow under the UV light making it the most powerful tattoo style ever. Under the regular light, the white tattoos may even be invisible after some time. Washed up, they could look just like old scars. It’s extremely important to think really good about the design and find an experienced tattooer that had already worked with white ink. This style is becoming more and more popular due to its unique looks, elegant and subtle nature. There’s a lot that depends on the color of your skin, but there are few beautiful tricks that can make your white tattoo lines pop out much more. Combining white ink with any kind of colored tattoo style will create a wonderful contrast and composition from fantasy worlds. Simple designs seem to be working best or at least they are the safest route when planning your first white tattoo.

Contrast using colored tattoos will make white ink pop out much more!

Very beautiful, subtle and elegant

It seems so rugged, it’s incredible!

The real Spider-Gwen

As subtle as it gets

When this girls says she has a tattoo, people must think that it’s somewhere naughty

Soon to be grizzly

via [boredpanda]