Wildlife of Canada and the U.S. by Kevin Biskaborn

Canadian photographer and explorer Kevin Biskaborn introduced us to the forests and natural areas of Canada and the United States as he shared moments with foxes, raccoons, rabbits and many other land-dwelling species of animals. His interest in white-tailed deer began in Windsor, Ontario at the Ojibway Prairie Complex where also came his inspiration. This spectacular natural area offers an unrivaled immersion into a wilderness just minutes from the city. But that’s not the end. Biskaborn takes us below the water’s surface and floats just above in the waves with water-dwelling animals: whales, fish, muskrats, frogs and more! From backyard Canadian birds to the coastal birds of Florida, he strives to capture the elegance of these animals whether in flight or at rest. Land, water, air, he’s everywhere! Visit Biskaborn’s official website to see more of his talents and roles and follow him on Instagram.

“White-tailed deer bucks are elusive. Only during the rut does their distraction offer a rare glimpse into their world.”


“A moment with mom – red fox.”

“Hidden by a mask and a maple tree – raccoon.”


“Everyone follow mom!”

“A slight turn of its head followed by a quick escape into the water — painted turtle.”

“Here, the snake glides silently across a water surface repeatedly divided into light and shadow.”


“Being so proficient at fishing, it’s easy to see why cormorant populations are said to be increasing – double crested cormorant.”

“There’s no shortage of water available for this thirsty white-tailed deer doe.”

“This cloud of tiny black fry in Lake Simcoe, Ontario would be an appetizing and effortless feast for other fish if not for their father’s protection.”


“An epic chase: as warmer spring weather melts the snow in Canada, an eastern chipmunk ventures out of hibernation only to be immediately hunted by a barred owl. In this shot, the owl has flushed the chipmunk out into the open and takes flight to intercept.”

“At first it’s a faint tap, but it soon builds into a loud, repetitive knock – red-bellied woodpecker.”

Red squirrel


“When limited resources bring determined competitors together, that struggle quickly escalates into a fight for survival – robins.”

via [photogrist]