Wine Paintings! By Serbian Talent and Creator of ‘Winerelle Art’

Hello, my countrywoman Sanja Jankovic! We both come from the Srem District, Serbia, and I am so happy to share your story with the world. Jankovic is a professional fine artist/wine painter. Being from the Srem District (known for its many winemakers), wine tastings were a common occasion for her. It was 2015, the year when the ‘Winerelle Art’ sparked as an idea after a spilled red wine over a clean tablecloth caught the eye of curious Jankovic. “I imagined those deep red stains on white paper and after a few successful experiments, ‘Winerelle art’ came to life,” Jankovic explained. Artist uses only finer wine to achieve a richer color, and also because cheaper wine turns into ‘sticky sugar crystals’. Her paintings are completely painted with various wine types. For white color, she uses Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and for black – Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Her paintings are for sale in standard format 35×27 cm but also come in other sizes as requested. Her art has taken her to travels all around the world, from humble beginnings to life in the United Arab Emirates and a full-time lecturer job at Canadian University Dubai.

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A man who would appreciate ‘Winerelle Art’.

Photo credits: winerelle_winepainting

Serbian artist Sanja Jankovic paints using only wine!

“Painting with wine is like painting with moody watercolors—hues would change from contact with air or as the painting ages.”

“After completion, each piece has to be varnished to ensure pigment longevity. Wine paintings also loathe sunlight and humid environments.”


Recently Jankovic paints more about traveling and telling the stories of different wine regions.

You can almost hear the music within.


“My main goal is to continue collaboration with winemakers and use wine art as design.”

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