‘Women 2019’ Photo Contest By Agora

No matter the country, a religion, nor color of the skin, women from any part of the world share the same thing. Strength, resilience, love, mystery and much more within their unique beauty and a gentle smile. This is AGORA’s first WOMEN worldwide photo contest awards and Cristina Pelarda, a crew member of AGORA shared on their website what it means to her to be a woman. “A challenge and privilege – since I was a child I have been educated on equality and respect. There have been no limits put on my abilities nor my dreams, and the words “I can’t” do not exist in my vocabulary! I’m not the weaker sex, I am a fighter, a warrior, an entrepreneur and I have no fears. Being a woman is empowerment, we are capable of anything. I am happy and being a woman is my greatest challenge and an enormous privilege.” These are our favorite 25 photos of the contest, but you can see top 50 that AGORA chose out of 12,250 entries here on their youtube channel. Winner takes the prize of $1000, so vote on and help judges decide too. Everyone can be a part of AGORA contests as a contestant or a voter.

A 67-year-old friendship. By @tunpaingaung, TunPaingAung (Myanmar)


By @adeelchishti, Adeel Chishti (Pakistan)

Women celebrating motherhood on their child’s first birthday. By @pranab_basak, Pranab Basak (India)

By @xyzheart, Salai Van Lian Mang (Myanmar)


By @damiane, Nika Pailodze (Georgia)

By @kobbykatalist, Ishmael Amuzu-Quaidoo (Ghana)

By @letyliza, Lety Liza (Indonesia)

Women Protesting For Legal Abortion In Argentina. By @franciscopaez, Francisco Paez (Argentina)


By @phyomoe, Phyo Moe (Myanmar)

By @birazhayalci, Kaan Türker (Turkey)

Traditional face tattoo from the Chin tribe. By @yepyaesoehlaing, Ye Pyae Soe Hlaing (Myanmar)

Violinist Susan Kisser. By @rafaelgranados, Rafael Granados (Spain)


By @eighthman, Michael Aboya (Ghana)

By @montseferre, Montse Ferré (Spain)

By @andylam, Andy Lam (Vietnam)

By @wadiaye, Wadi Aye (Myanmar)


By @phosphorescent, Manan Verma (India)

Lacquerware is one of Myanmar’s traditional handicrafts from the 13th Century. By @fabiansaw, Saw Fabian

By @bobbykuen, Boby Kuen (Indonesia)

By @Tuanngocphoto, Do Tuang (Vietnam)


By @omroms6061, Francesco Pireddu (Italy)

By @emrahuygun, Emrah Uygun (Turkey)

By @larakuti, Suratman Alimuddin (Indonesia)

By @johnnydee, Huang di (China)


By @mirandajournot, Miranda Journot (Spain)

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