Eye-Sparkling Adorable Felted Wool Animals by Yulia Derevschikova

Yes, you can buy these for yourself or as a present for a loved one. “The positive emotions I get when I deliver an order to the customer are very valuable to me, it gives me inspiration,” Yulia Derevschikova shared. The creator of these adorable super realistic animals, Yulia says her inspiration also comes from her enormous love for animals. Russian artist uses a special felted wool technique which is the reason these extra puffy cuties look like they do. Threading and weaving results in extra soft and fluffy texture. Yulia even gives them googly eyes that scream ‘hug me until you can’t no more!’ It takes at least 20 hours for one creation to be done and her hard work is finally getting noticed more and more each day. You can buy these adorable fluffies here.

Yulia’s source of inspiration is here enormous love for animals

Artist uses special felted wool technique that makes these animals so fluffy

Now you can even buy them from Yulia online

He looks so real and cuddly!


Those giant eyes screaming “hug me until you can’t no more”

via [boredpanda]