Yellow Penguin Photographed for the First Time Ever by Adam Yves

We love white lions, but now we can love yellow penguins too! Of course, it’s not the first yellow penguin ever, far from it. Just like in the case with white lions, it is the case caused due to leucism, the lack of melanin. With this adorable and super rare penguin, black feathers and feet turned into lighter hues. Say thanks, to Yves Adams for bringing us these amazing photographs. He’s possibly the first photographer ever to capture this rare beautiful creature. He was on a trip in 2019, visiting a small island in South Georgia when it happened! Known for his amazing landscapes and wildlife photographs, the Belgian artist was just unpacking his safety equipment and food when he saw gorgeous yellow feathers and cream-colored feet in the middle of the little tuxedo-suited animals. “We all went crazy when we realized. We dropped all the safety equipment and grabbed our cameras,” the photographer shared. “We were so lucky the bird landed right where we were. Our view wasn’t blocked by a sea of massive animals. Normally it’s almost impossible to move on this beach because of them all.”

More info: Yves Adams, Instagram.

More yellow penguins, please!

Photo credits: Yves Adams

So gracious!

Black feathers turned to yellow, and black feet turned to cream-colored.

Absolutely amazing! It’s believed that Yves Adams just brought us the first-ever photos of this beautiful bird.


It’s like an imposter so bad at its game.

Just like in the case with white lions, the lighter hues are due to leucism, the lack of melanin.

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