Young Madonna’s Rare Photos Before She Was Famous

We all wonder how did the most famous celebrities got to where they are now. We wonder how they looked when they were younger; before they were global icons that they’re now. Madonna pushed all the boundaries in pop music in lyrical and visual form. She’s one and only ‘Queen of Pop’ and there’s no person alive who doesn’t know who she is. But she was just a regular person like everyone else in search of realizing her dreams. Eric Kroll, the famous celebrity photographer from New York was unknowingly blessed in the year of 1983. He got an opportunity to take a photo-shoot of young Madonna, unknown to the world. Her looks were much different than what we’re used to. We all know her in her perfect alluring shiny outfits and sensational makeup. Here in the photos taken in the legendary club ‘Danceteria’ in New York, Madonna looks new and fresh, with hair all disheveled and very little makeup, giving her nice natural look. Please enjoy the photos below and visit Eric Kroll’s Facebook profile for more.

Photo-shoot of young Madonna by famous celebrity photographer Eric Kroll


1983, legenday club from New York – Danceteria


Times when Madonna wasn’t yet a Queen of Pop

Her eybrows are noticeably different and hair adorably disheveled


via [boredpanda]