Yung Cheng Lin – On the Edge of Beauty and Bizarre

Based in Tainan, Taiwan, this young art director, and photographer is also known as 3cm. His style is to get down to the point, with minimalistic and ethereal aesthetics. There is certainly a sense of poetry and grace in his work. However, his extreme focus on the female body genuinely induces awkwardness and discomfort. Playing with textures and optical illusions, he is questioning the relationship between women and their environment, often blending them into their surroundings. The result is flirting with horror culture, as well as surrealism. The photography of Yung Cheng Lin represents a sensitive and surreal vision of the female conditions. Sexuality, menstruation, maturity or birth are some of the topics he explores with his camera. It’s amazing and also stunning pictures perfectly reflect moods and situations that a woman lives in her every day. We hope you like it as we do. Enjoy them and follow Young Cheng Lin on Instagram.

If the pictures are usually bright and cold, the darkness and emotion that are lying under are mind-bending.


Their flesh in painful-looking contortions and absurd positions, the models have vacant looks, when their identity is not completely erased.

Female bodies play in a very simple way with their members and external elements, like mirrors or wires, to give a surreal impression.

The artist thinks that the media’s contemporary definition of womanhood is way too narrow, judgmental and seriously lacking of freedom.


With his nerve-racking photography, he wishes to discuss women issues and bring an Asian and fresh artistic extra to the conversation.

Don’t be fooled by this raw and provocative narrative.

Yung Cheng Lin is staging the self-inflicted tortures and restraints that many women are using to fit in the beauty and gender norms.

His depictions of hurtful bras, periods as well as cis and transgender identities are viscerally unsettling and authentic.


By denouncing sexual objectification, body and mind control, the artist is hitting us right in the feelings.

The photography of Yung Cheng Lin will certainly haunt you for a while, living a bittersweet taste of both wisdom and artistic admiration.

via [beautifulbizarre]