Zara’s Modeling Poses are Getting Really Weird and Not Helpful

What makes the Spanish fashion giant like Zara so great and successful? There’s a lot to do with these photos which might surprise you. ‘Who What Wear‘ wrote an article about Zara explaining in detail some of the core things of their business. For example, Zara’s quickly marching into a plastic-free retailing company, re-using their cardboard boxes up to six times before recycling them into boxes we as customers in the end receive. A big plus, but what the hell is going on with these photos? Well, first we have to say that Zara’s working model doesn’t allow them to design the same garment twice. Once a product sells out, it will never get remade, at least not in the same exact way. Zara releases new products about twice a week, meaning the photo studios are seriously hustling to create the forward images you see on the site. There are 15 studio sets where all the magic happens. Each studio is accompanied by its own team (photographer, stylist, etc.).” Zara’s putting new items, meaning new photos twice per week. Since there are many different stylists working to create innovative looks with the new product, none of the stylings are the same.”

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For those wondering how the dress will look underwater

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Invisibility cloak; toes remain unhidden

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For special occasions

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I mean, I do this every day.

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 Looks like Dolores had some time in between destroying/saving worlds

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